since i'm apparently only going to talk about cats and dogs on this blog, i must introduce you to rapcat. rapcat's got the hottest beats and the softest fur. see for yourself in rapcat's video for "meow meow":


you may be thinking, "so it's a cat that raps--big deal!" but rapcat is so much more than a rapping cat. you have to pay attention to detail to fully appreciate this work of utter genius. for example, at around 2 minutes and 3 seconds, rapcat totally plays off of how those (human) rap artists slow their videos down to capture moments when they look all cool because they're moving in slow-motion. you know what i'm talking about? i think you do. i can't explain any further than i already did. rapcat's just good. i'd like to thank friend who remains anonymous for introducing me to rapcat. i think she might love rapcat more than i do, but that's not certain. i say we battle it out with a competition of who has the best slo-mo gangsta moves. i'm not sure how we would judge that, though, but i can imagine us looking really cool and not at all loserish.

i wrote "rapcat" 9 times so far in this post. multiply that number by 47, and you have the number of times i think about rapcat before noon.


NATTY said...

i can't believe you stole rapcat!!!! traitor!!

whateva... rapcat deserves to be shared. boy do i love rapcat.

fantastic cat said...

rapcat DOES deserve to be shared, natty. it's a shame it won't be through myy blog, though.

where's YOUR blog, you non-blogger. i discriminate against you and your lack of blog. don't come back here again!
i neeeeeeeeed you.