shadow puppets

my sister just pointed out that "oes" sounds like "ohhh yesssss!" and i found that so entertaining that it now holds its own place in my fantastic cat world.

on a similar note, i'd love it if you created shadow puppets and made them say things in groggily voices.


so.bye.sabai said...

No one does Cookie Monster quite like Uncle Jojo.. I tried my best.

Now I hope "I barbecue chicken!" is embedded in your heart and soul forever.

windbeneathmybutt said...

i don't understand.

i'm listening to rapcat right now, though. and that makes me understand everything. i can understand quantum physics when i listen to rapcat. albert einstein, eat chor heart out.

fantastic cat said...

you wouldn't, whitey. just kidding i love you. i love you so much that i'll give you a brief explanation.

my uncle jojo has a very hoarse voice, reminiscent of cookie monster. and he barbecues chicken. and so.bye.sabai (aka elizabeth b. jala) used his voice to say funny things with shadow puppets. get it??????

welcome to the family.