i think i deserve some kind of prize

it's funny how i was soooooo excited about my blog not long ago, and now i'm just ehhh. it's not that i don't have anything blog-worthy to write about. yes, the typical routine of my life consists of going to school, walking, eating sandwiches...and muuuurder. solving murder cases, not committing murderous acts, of course. it's funny how murder can steer a person off track because i'm already forgetting what the point of this post was.

perhaps the point is that there is no point? but that is too easy. i think the point of this post is too deep for you, and even me, to comprehend. it transcends our understanding of reality. so, what we thought was going to be a normal blog post is instead the answer to the universe. i just re-read what i just wrote, and i honestly have no idea how i got to this point. i don't see any form of transition from talking about eating sandwiches to providing you with the answer to the universe. but it seems like such a waste to delete all that i have written, for a more "conventional" post. so instead, i'll leave you with this: a post that makes absolutely no sense. don't even try to decipher it.

OR is it really the answer to the universe??? what does that even mean--the "answer to the universe"? what if the happenings of this universe have no meaning and are just so. much like this post--no meaning whatsoever. that would mean that the content of this post is likened to the content of the universe, which means that my post could, in fact, BE the answer to the universe!!! oh, the typical life of a genius.


windbeneathmybutt said...
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so.bye.sabai said...

i LOVE this post, but don't know why exactly.

Just thought you ought to know.

You besta be reading my blog. I've updated like 3 times in the past 24 hours, and you're the ONLY one who'd appreciate it.