gosh, i should write in you more. but not now because i'm sleepy and sore all over from getting a taste of what you humans call "exercise." one day.....


i think i deserve some kind of prize

it's funny how i was soooooo excited about my blog not long ago, and now i'm just ehhh. it's not that i don't have anything blog-worthy to write about. yes, the typical routine of my life consists of going to school, walking, eating sandwiches...and muuuurder. solving murder cases, not committing murderous acts, of course. it's funny how murder can steer a person off track because i'm already forgetting what the point of this post was.

perhaps the point is that there is no point? but that is too easy. i think the point of this post is too deep for you, and even me, to comprehend. it transcends our understanding of reality. so, what we thought was going to be a normal blog post is instead the answer to the universe. i just re-read what i just wrote, and i honestly have no idea how i got to this point. i don't see any form of transition from talking about eating sandwiches to providing you with the answer to the universe. but it seems like such a waste to delete all that i have written, for a more "conventional" post. so instead, i'll leave you with this: a post that makes absolutely no sense. don't even try to decipher it.

OR is it really the answer to the universe??? what does that even mean--the "answer to the universe"? what if the happenings of this universe have no meaning and are just so. much like this post--no meaning whatsoever. that would mean that the content of this post is likened to the content of the universe, which means that my post could, in fact, BE the answer to the universe!!! oh, the typical life of a genius.


shadow puppets

my sister just pointed out that "oes" sounds like "ohhh yesssss!" and i found that so entertaining that it now holds its own place in my fantastic cat world.

on a similar note, i'd love it if you created shadow puppets and made them say things in groggily voices.


andrew cat

this will be my first official non-cat/dog-related post. it has to do with a bird. Andrew Bird, to be exact. it just occurred to me that i unintentionally started my blog the exact same day his album armchair apocrypha was released!!! you may not care, actually you DO NOT care, but this was just a little note for myself. one day, when i'm 53 years old, using my hovering laptop, i will look back to my first posts and remember how wonderfully coincidental this was.


since i'm apparently only going to talk about cats and dogs on this blog, i must introduce you to rapcat. rapcat's got the hottest beats and the softest fur. see for yourself in rapcat's video for "meow meow":


you may be thinking, "so it's a cat that raps--big deal!" but rapcat is so much more than a rapping cat. you have to pay attention to detail to fully appreciate this work of utter genius. for example, at around 2 minutes and 3 seconds, rapcat totally plays off of how those (human) rap artists slow their videos down to capture moments when they look all cool because they're moving in slow-motion. you know what i'm talking about? i think you do. i can't explain any further than i already did. rapcat's just good. i'd like to thank friend who remains anonymous for introducing me to rapcat. i think she might love rapcat more than i do, but that's not certain. i say we battle it out with a competition of who has the best slo-mo gangsta moves. i'm not sure how we would judge that, though, but i can imagine us looking really cool and not at all loserish.

i wrote "rapcat" 9 times so far in this post. multiply that number by 47, and you have the number of times i think about rapcat before noon.


fantastic kitten

i have birthed. i created this blog on a whim, and i'm enjoying it so far. i like the colors--it took great effort to find the right ones. i also like fantastic cats/chats. it's necessary that they are indeed fantastic, though. but i like old english sheepdogs even more than any kind of cat, probably more than you'll ever know. unless you know me, which would be weird because no one knows me. because i don't exist...